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Grandpa Tea set

Grandpa Tea set

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Experience Tradition with POLSPOTTEN Grandpa Tea Set Collection

In the POLSPOTTEN family of things, Grandpa is the one who loves to juggle. His age may make him jittery, not a drop is spilled. Here’s a sophisticated gentleman who walzes through life and pours love into each moment of the day. You’ll often find him dancing with a string of doting relatives in his wake. The cups and saucers he spurred may be made of the same precious porcelain, nobody can match Grandpa’s golden top. In tearooms, suites and pantries around the world, he may be greeted as the grandest of old friends. But for us, he’s just Grandpa.

Set of 4 cups

Finish: Glazed New Bone China porcelain with gold accents
Colour: Multi-colour
Foodsafe: Yes
Microwave safe: No
Dishwasher safe: No

Capacity: 220 ml
Material: Porcelain

This striking POLSPOTTEN Grandpa collection brings timeless style to your tea ceremonies. Made with attention to every detail, it emphasizes the beauty of handcraftsmanship combined with modern-day requirements. The tea set from this collection is a must-have for every enthusiast honoring the grandpa's way of enjoying tea.

The tea set is composed of high-quality materials, ensuring its use for daily rituals as well as special occasions. The elegant design reflects robustness, reliability, and the grandpa's warmth, making it the perfect gift for tea lovers and a significant addition to any grandpa's collection.

Step back into time with this beautifully crafted Grandpa tea set from POLSPOTTEN. Tea drinking is not only about the taste but the complete experience. The grandpa collection embodies tradition, love for the craft, and passion for tea. It's more than just a tea set - it's a way of life. Conduct your tea ceremonies with this gorgeous set and feel an immediate connection to the grace of grandpa's era.

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