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Royal Aero Balloons (large)

Royal Aero Balloons (large)

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Imagine drifting through the skies, the roar of hot air sounding from above as you clutch onto the wicker basket and look down onto the world below… now wouldn’t that be nice? This large Authentic Models Hot Air Balloon is hand-applied with white and ivory paper strips that create a vintage balloon look.
Lightweight, the rattan basket with replica sandbags hangs delicately from knotted netting and wooden toggles. Perfect for children’s nurseries, party decorations or a whimsical home accessory, style this large model hot air balloon together with other colours and sizes in an enthralling balloon race!

Height: 56cm

Diameter: 32cm

Tips & Instructions

Follow our tips to have an optimal performance of your diffuser and to make the fragrance last longer.

The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the environment in which it is found, its temperature, direct sunlight and air currents that can accelerate evaporation.

Always keep the level in the diffuser for at least half of its content as the amount of oxygen in the bottle affects the evaporation rate too much.

Place the Diffuser on a stable surface; after removing the cap it is recommended to use a funnel to pour the fragrance; after pouring the fragrance it is recommended to clean the diffuser with a slightly damp cloth; replace the cap and the diffuser is immediately ready for use.

Rotate the fiber sticks after dipping them in the diffuser bottle to ensure better absorption and fragrance distribution

Keep the fragrance as far as possible from heat sources and direct light sources.

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